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NATUS Changzhou is the Asia-Pacific product development and manufacturing base established by NATUS Germany in China. It mainly produces NATUS brand medium and low voltage products, and is committed to becoming an expert in safe power distribution, providing customers with innovative integrated solutions and system services.The technical standards and manufacturing standards of NATUS Changzhou and the German headquarters are on the same platform. The quality control and production processes are implemented in the same standard.The company's p...
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    Our comprehensive services and products ensure the operational readiness and availability of your switchgear systems, energy distribution and systems, processes and machine control systems. With more than 60 years of expertise and global project experience with qualified and certified service technicians, NATUS provides a capable team to provide lifecycle service support-because service is value preservation. Customer service is trust. Make sure that only the person who knows the product (manufacturer) can maintain your switchgear and system technology.

    Service is value retention

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